Here’s to the Moms

Here’s to the Working Mom with school aged children , trying to work from home to keep your job , plus manage homeschooling the kids, keep the house clean from all the humans existing at home more hours than usual , and make 3 meals a day and umpteen number of snacks . I See you.

Here’s to the SAHM with school aged children, who has lost those hours at home alone to manage laundry & meal prepping & grocery runs, all while trying to oversee schooling. I See you.

Here’s to the working mom with toddlers & infants , changing 3 times as many diapers and trying to enforce nap time , while working hard to tele-work and keep your job . I See you.

Here’s to the SAHM with toddlers and infants , who have lost those out of the house activities like Parks & Mom’s Morning Out- those activities that keep you from going insane from the monotony of dirty diapers & baby Einstein . I See you .

Here’s to the Moms who have college kids & young adult children, fretting about their livelihoods & safety , all the while working from home or managing your own home . I See you.

Here’s to the older generation of moms, with grown adult children who have families of their own. You’re worrying about your own health in this crisis while blowing kisses to your grandkids thru video screens or face masks .
I See you.

I’m showing Solidarity for all Moms .

We are ALL struggling in some shape or fashion in this pandemic .

May we show grace to ourselves, for we cannot do all this with perfection
Or maybe even well. But we press on , because that’s what Moms do. They keep Pressing, for their children & spouses , but mostly for themselves. Moms are Superhero’s .

See each other .

Watching Pelicans

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen or watched Pelicans dive for fish. I think it’s just the coolest thing to witness. These Large birds torpedo from High in the sky and nose dive down into the water at great speed . SPLASH!

Let your disappointment lead you to compassion

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He’s still doing Fresh new things

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