Let your disappointment lead you to compassion

I wrote last August about my kiddo not making a school team . She was consumed with disappointment . She’s never really experienced disappointment like that before & I encouraged her to use that experience to build empathy & compassion for others who experience let down.

Many of us feel “let down “ right now .

We are experiencing so many emotions during this pandemic. One of the emotions we are collectively feeling is disappointment.

Disappointment our kids’ school year got cut short or our Senior cannot experience prom.

Disappointment we cannot get to our offices.

Disappointment our jobs are in limbo or lost altogether.

Disappointment we can’t move around freely, shop & congregate as normal.

Disappointment our favorite sporting events are cancelled.

Disappointment in others’ behaviors during this time.

How can we allow our disappointment lead us towards compassion?

Someone told me they’ve felt sad & hopeless for a whole week and they have an inkling of what a person who suffers from depression regularly feels like.

Disappointment leads to compassion

Someone else said they’ve never worried about buying groceries before, but now they worry there will not be enough . They said they now have an inkling of what people who experience food insecurity regularly feel like .

Disappointment leads to compassion

Someone said they’ve never worried about their health before just doing typical things like going out in a public place & now they have an inkling of what an immuno-compromised person feels like regularly .

Disappointment leads to compassion.

So many lessons to be learned in life’s struggles and trials. May we use this experience to foster empathy & compassion for our fellow humans.

I pray we walk out of this experience more enlightened , showing more Love, Grace, Empathy & Compassion for one another.

Watching Pelicans

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen or watched Pelicans dive for fish. I think it’s just the coolest thing to witness. These Large birds torpedo from High in the sky and nose dive down into the water at great speed . SPLASH!

Here’s to the Moms

Here’s to the Working Mom with school aged children , trying to work from home to keep your job , plus manage homeschooling the kids, keep the house clean from all the humans existing at home more hours than usual , and make 3 meals a day and umpteen number of snacks . I See you.

He’s still doing Fresh new things

He’s still doing Fresh new thingsYou see, God never stops moving . His spirit never stops moving . HE DOESN’T STOP. But what has He gotten us to do right now ? Stop. Everything is cancelled . But GOD isn’t cancelled ! His Love isn’t cancelled. His provision isn’t...