The Buffet

I’m hearing a lot of clients ask “am I doing this ok? “ What they’re asking is, am I navigating this pandemic okay? Is my anxiety normal ? Is my fear rational ? Am I depressed because I feel sad or unmotivated ? My answer? Yes . You are OKAY. No one, has ever written a manual before on how to manage your mental health during a global pandemic . There is no formula for this . There is no handbook. Everyone on social media right now is an expert of sorts, offering strategies to help keep your kids stay on schedule during homeschooling , making kid or adult crafts , garden projects, zoom exercise classes, baking bread, Marie Kondo-Ing your linen closets, DIY projects galore and on & on & on. These strategies are all nice in theory, but if you’re not careful you will start to feel the need to do ALL the things and then feel guilty if you’re not living up to others’ IG or Facebook highlight reels ! I liken this to the Buffet at your favorite buffet restaurant. At a buffet there’s a plethora to choose from. You pick what you like and put it on your plate. You leave behind the things your don’t like and If you put too much on your plate ? Well, you’re not gonna finish it all anyway. The “buffet” of strategies on how to act during this crisis is ample. I say, pick what works for you and try it. Don’t overload your plate. If that strategy looks nice but you know you’ll never try it, then leave it on the buffet . You do NOT have to partake of everything on the buffet. There’s multiple choices because humans are diverse. What works for one, will not work for another . And that’s Okay.

Watching Pelicans

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen or watched Pelicans dive for fish. I think it’s just the coolest thing to witness. These Large birds torpedo from High in the sky and nose dive down into the water at great speed . SPLASH!

Here’s to the Moms

Here’s to the Working Mom with school aged children , trying to work from home to keep your job , plus manage homeschooling the kids, keep the house clean from all the humans existing at home more hours than usual , and make 3 meals a day and umpteen number of snacks . I See you.

Let your disappointment lead you to compassion

Let your disappointment lead you to compassionI wrote last August about my kiddo not making a school team . She was consumed with disappointment . She’s never really experienced disappointment like that before & I encouraged her to use that experience to build...